Doctors recommend Levit(r)ol for your allergies

An ad parody featuring the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key of MADtv. The “50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of all Time” post from has the best blurb so I’ll just rip that off wholesale:

“The “ask your doctor if *blank* is right for you” genre has been sent up a thousand times, but a few stand out, this one for its initial realism and subsequent devolution into madness. The weird doctor-patient power dynamic hasn’t been made any more comfortable by the raft of TV ads encouraging us to ask about particular medicines, a fact that this parody nails perfectly. And there’s just something about those gardening gloves — are we wrong in thinking this wouldn’t work without them?”

(If you like that, here’s another hilarious skit featuring Keegan-Michael Key.)

YouTube Preview Image


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