Cover Zen: Look at this cover now

I can’t resist a great cover. A few years back I sustained a(n almost) daily music blog for a brief time that consisted largely of well-realised cover songs.¬†One of the most popular posts from that blog that still gets a regular chunk of hits can be found here: The 5 Best Covers of Britney Spears’ Toxic

@juilaroy tweeted this great cover the other day (my imperative post title overstates things a tad… the name of the song is “Look At Me Now” ok?) Amy, of acoustic-pop duo Karmin, has an engaging, sassy presence that oozes confidence and entices – not least because it really looks like she’s having fun with this performance. Here’s the original for comparison… Somma dese white chicks can RAP yo!

For more great covers click the “Cover Zen” tag below!

YouTube Preview Image

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