KeepAnEyeOut: Crescendo Mafia

I love NZ music.

With tinges of Kings of Leon and sweet harmony smatterings a la Crowded House, Crescendo Mafia are a power trio that sound as good acoustic as they do in full rock mode (check them out live on Balcony TV). There’s something vaguely Del Amitri about them too – I think it’s the sweetly interwoven harmonies and the sophisticated pop sensibilities that leak through in the bass lines and chord choices.

Big things are surely coming for them and I had an interesting chat with a friend tonight that has me optimistic about possibilities in the future!

Oi! Speaking of “NZ music”… two of the band members – vocalist/guitarist Matt Vankan and drummer Luke Vankan – are brothers hailing from Sydney, Australia; bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Eddie Gaiger is an NZ Idol Top 10er from Coromandel, NZ. It’s about time we stole some Aussie talent after all the artists they keep stealing from us! ;)

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