Behind the Scenes unedited

In early October Illegal Musik shot two music videos in one day – one for J Williams (R&B) and another for Junipah (Rock). I went along and captured some behind the scenes footage. I never had a chance to edit it up properly (like I did with Ghetto Flower’s Behind the Scenes clip) but Illegal wanted to get something out and they were happy with the rough cut-together I made for the crew not long after the shoot.

I created the music track (for something else) and since I have to edit to music and didn’t have access to either of the video tracks at the time, I slapped my track (“My Private Revolution“) over the top.

I would’ve preferred to do a proper edit as this clip has not been constructed in any way (I just grabbed some shots that were ok and slapped them in sequence) and I haven’t done any grading – but it’s good to have something out there and at least I don’t have to take more time to do the full edit : ).

YouTube Preview Image