New Game Trailer: Introducing the Templar

I’ve been very sick lately – in a couple of bouts.

I got very ill a while ago and after coming out of it had a number of pressing deadlines to catch up on – including the trailer below for Titirangi’s Grinding Gear Games. I then got sick again and am just on the road to recovery now – hence the drop-off in online upkeep…

Anyway, here it is, the trailer introducing the new Templar class to Grinding’s Online Action RPG Path of Exile. We’re happy with it and the fan reaction on the forums seems to be pretty good so far too!

More news and views coming soon!

YouTube Preview Image

Abundance Mentality talk at MDS Part I

A little while back Frances Valintine, the CEO of Media Design School, asked me to speak at the Soul Food II evening which was ultimately held last night.

Soul Food evenings at Media Design School are social events featuring prominent speakers in the area of Maori and Pacific Design.

This event is an informal gathering of people interested in finding out more on up-and-coming contemporary designers, design influences and opportunities to bring Maori and Pacific art and design to a global audience. The Soul Food speakers for June are Nathan Suniula, Janet Lilo and Damien Caine.

I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted to thanks to urgent work at hand (which means I missed the valuable networking aspect – please contact me below if you were there and want to chat!) but it was easy to see the value of this excellent event and I had a great time there. Definitely planning to head along to the next one just to check things out if possible!

Amongst other things I showed our Danger Balls Trailer as an example of collaboration and the abundance mentality at work (more to come in Part II about the abundance mentality). This game was made with the support of Mukpuddy Animation (specifically Tim Evans for the art, Ryan Cooper for the voices, Alex for encouraging words : ) and Thinkt Studios (Damian and Josh for the sound fx)!:

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks also to Wojciech Kilar for the soundtrack to Francis Ford Coppola’s “Dracula” and Ill Bill & Max Cavalera for War is my Destiny!


Catchup Post

Wow it’s been a week since I last posted…

I’ve been busy with planning a new music video amongst other things. This music video project has an interesting angle that convinced me to take it on; I’ve had a number of meetings from development to pre-production with the Producer, Richard Glover, and I’m pretty excited about the potential for it. If things go well we’ll be filming the biggest crowd for a hip hop video that I’ve had a chance to be involved in so that should be a spot of fun… We’re looking at shooting the video in early July with final release in early August.

I’ve also been working on the constitution for the next iteration of the PlayMaker Game Developers Association. We’re looking to establish the Association and take things to the next level with the support of other members of the wider community. We’re very lucky that David McLaughlin has provided great legal advice, support and input from day one and at this week’s Auckland Game Works Meetup he’ll be speaking and answering any issues raised by the community as we nail down the final details around the structure of the Association. There’s some more exciting news about this but I can’t say much til it happens!

I collaborated with Director Ashley Pitman on the last video I edited for The Hypnotics and after our final edit session we stayed up into the wee hours watching our favourite music videos and comparing notes. Ashley’s got a great eye and has been Facebooking me a bunch of video links that I aim to post over the next while with some thoughts. For now, I found this video and shared it with Ashley recently – it was shot on a 7D, a great little camera, and we both loved the ‘story’ and rich green colour.



The view from my office

Well I’m trying out the new iPhone 4 and playing with the camera so I can at least get rid of that horrible header… (new pic installed soon now!)

So here’s the view from my home office. Ten points (for those who don’t know me : P) if you can work out my exact location from it…

And here’s a clearer view – you can make out Vector Arena there in the background:

It’s a nice spot to work from but it’s going to be just as cool working from the new offices for the music media company I’m joining up with soon! Looking at doing one or two days a week there with the boys (and girls) and a few days here at home slogging away at whatever edit or digital media work is currently going down.

More news on the new endeavours soon…

What I Dun Bin Up To

As sporadic, inconsistent and uneven as these blog updates are it feels good to be updating now cos I’ve got something to talk about : ).

I dun bin up to a lot lately and here’s a bullet point list (written more to myself than anyone else):

  • had great amounts of fun editing together four game trailers for talented and dedicated indie developer Grinding Gear Games for their Diablo-alike, Path of Exile (the first of which is embedded below)
  • worked on a number of challenged small business endeavours (<— this version sanitised from the original edit for the sake of avoiding controversy at this time xD)
  • directed NZ’s first all live 3D music video for J Williams featuring Scribe
  • got ripped off by a few friends (<— this version sanitised from the original edit for the sake of saving relationships xD)
  • watched a pretty cool movie
  • learnt – yet again – that it pays to be paid
  • made new friends
  • made new enemies

It’s been an interesting year and it’s still going. Significant birthday this year too – if only because it falls on the 10th of the 10th of twenty 10 : ). Looking forward to it!

Path of Exile Game Trailer
YouTube Preview Image version 3.0

Well, we launched the newer, sparse version of CXL’s blog a while back but we’re gearing up now to get things rolling on a regular again (check out

CXL has been busy – hence the slow-down on the blog front – as he’s released his first single, My Love, and, just recently, the remix featuring Scribe and Illegal Musik’s new rapper, K One. I directed the video for My Love and was hoping to get a chance to catch Scribe laying his verse but due to camera issues… >_< … I’ve been out of commission for a while on the video front!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting more action happening with CXL’s blog – more behind the scenes video content, etc. – and should have more to blog about in the near future!

What’s bin going on…

I’m not even going to acknowledge the amount of time that’s passed since my last post lol. That seems to be a common theme on the various blogs I have to update these days… :P

But I spose it’s good because it means that I’m busy xD. At the beginning of last month we (Pixelati) entered our first game into the Independent Games Festival – Danger Balls.

YouTube Preview Image

That was a great milestone to reach (for us) and we were stoked to find ourselves in DIYGamer’s Top 10 Break Out Indie Games of 2010 alongside awesome work like Shank and popular titles like Super Meatboy.

I’ve also kept up my work as a videographer for Illegal Musik and DJCXL – I shot and edited this video, recently, of DJCXL putting together a set for a Hip Hop versus Drum & Bass soundclash. It was a great performance to see and I think we made a pretty interesting little clip about it.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m really looking forward to my next major video project which is the music video for CXL’s first single…

I’ve also been keeping up with the launch of the Independent Game Developers Association of New Zealand – IGDANZ, also known as PlayMaker. You can check out the site here – we’ve just upgraded it (we’re using Drupal now).

Anyway, I’ll be floating around and keeping this a little more up-to-date going forward.


The End of Musicalis Eclectica

To those who’ve followed Musicalis Eclectica I thank you! It’s always so much more fun blogging when you know someone’s actually reading it xD.

This is the end of Musicalis Eclectica as my creative endeavours with my new media startup are taking all my focus now – however, I’ll be blogging regularly and posting video content on a regular basis at the official Pixelati blog, currently situated at: (EDIT: and my own personal blog at

Thanks again and I hope you had a fun time reading my rambling views on music : ) (there’ll be more mindless waffle at the Pixelati blog but I’ll be waffling about videos, film, animation and videogames as well xD).

- Damien version 2.0 launched

Howdy y’all! I’ve been busy on version 2.0 of DJCXL’s dot com – and it’s finally gone live!

We’ve still got a bit to do but we’ll be rolling with regular video content and free mixes over the next short while. I guess this is as good a time as any to link to the new video by CXL’s boy – J Williams – who is signed to CXL’s label, Illegal Musik. Enjoy it yo!

YouTube Preview Image


Where hast thou been?

No one likes to hear half-hearted excuses and apologies for why a blogger hasn’t bloggified so this is neither xD. I’ve been busy on something I’ll post a link to as soon as I’m done! (due sometime during the coming week.)

I’ve been keeping up on friend’s blogs (if a little sporadically) and I notice I’ve been tagged! (by the excellent At the Lighthouse.) Gasp… must update and reply xD.

I feel it pertinent to point out that Australia and NZ are two completely different countries – much like Canada and the US – only we’re separated from Australia by an entire ocean! : ) (never mind, all is forgiven – it’s a common perception out there beyond our shores xD).

I’ve been busy with musical-ness – finally back into creating it, more than just writing about it, so I’m hoping to have more of that to show around soon too : ).

Merry… errr… approaching Christmas y’all!