Leave of Absence

Whoa! Sorry for the prolonged absence, friends. I came down with a severe case of Spore so I’ve been down for the count (and falling asleep at my desk during the day because of it ; ).

I’m back onboard now, though (not that anyone cares) and my NZ music post is back on the agenda xD. Here’s a great cover of “By This River” by Brian Eno (‘the father of ambient music’) from his album “Before and after Science”. (Brian is responsible for the procedural music in Will Wright’s “Spore”.) It’s nice to be reminded why a tune is beautiful after so long.

Oi! Brian Eno is responsible for the Windows 95 startup sound. Brian says: “The thing from the agency said, “We want a piece of music that is inspiring, universal, blah-blah, da-da-da, optimistic, futuristic, sentimental, emotional”, this whole list of adjectives, and then, at the bottom, it said: “and it must be 3ΒΌ seconds long”. I thought this was so funny, and an amazing thought, to actually try to make a little piece of music. It’s like making a tiny little jewel. In fact, I made eighty-four pieces.”

YouTube Preview Image

WordPress issues…

To my immense joy my latest epic post has been reverted by WordPress and seems to be lost in the ether. I’m not even sure if this one will come out but, just in case, this is a note to say there seem to be issues with WordPress at the moment (according to the horror on the forums) so I’m hoping they fix it soon… and I hope I don’t have to type that whole thing out again >_<

[Update: thanks to the Post Revisions functionality of WordPress.com - which any fool with half a brain-cell would've known about or checked for before posting angst about losing work... - I was able to retrieve my shiz : )]

Guitar Tablature for Full Band available now

Just a quick note that various posts will soon include relevant tablature files for Guitar Pro 5 (if you don’t have it, you can download the demo from here).

Presently the 5 Best Covers… posts for Rihanna and Britney are hosting Guitar Pro files at the bottom. (In the interests of helping along those anticipated covers of “I Kissed A Girl” I’m halfway through tabbing that song too :) )

Once I have free subscription and membership sorted I’ll add a Tab page to hold all the tab for members. In the meantime, if you have any requests (or you want a gpro tab converted to pdf cos you’ve used up your gpro demo time) mail me at musicalis.eclectica (at) gmail (but please be patient – I don’t have a lot of time for this tab so it’s getting done as, and when I can :).

Update [16-08-08]: It turns out that this post is a complete lie – various posts have not included relevant tablature files at all. It just takes too much time. However, I still plan to drop tab into the odd post where possible and where it’s in my own interests to tab the song. I’ll also consider a request if someone raises it :).