Doctors recommend Levit(r)ol for your allergies

An ad parody featuring the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key of MADtv. The “50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of all Time” post from has the best blurb so I’ll just rip that off wholesale:

“The “ask your doctor if *blank* is right for you” genre has been sent up a thousand times, but a few stand out, this one for its initial realism and subsequent devolution into madness. The weird doctor-patient power dynamic hasn’t been made any more comfortable by the raft of TV ads encouraging us to ask about particular medicines, a fact that this parody nails perfectly. And there’s just something about those gardening gloves — are we wrong in thinking this wouldn’t work without them?”

(If you like that, here’s another hilarious skit featuring Keegan-Michael Key.)

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2008 US Election Results Revealed

Gotta love The Onion xDDD. This clip from the Onion News Network mocks the ‘fickle nature’ of the Diebold electronic voting system. Had to post this cos me, Biscotti and Digg Doug were discussing the Diebold issues in passing just a few days ago xD.

Diebold PR Spokesman: “This country is based on the fantasy that the government is the voice of the people; going through the motions of voting and, uh, keeping the Kingmaker’s dealings secret is central to our culture.”

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Britain’s Got Jackson

Jackson routines and impersonators are a dime a dozen (Fall Out Boy’s “Beat It” cover, anyone? xD) and this one (seen here on “Britain’s Got Talent”) starts off like any other (with a fresh remix that incorporates Billy Jean, Queen and Bhangra… o_O) but the surprise development halfway through, and the reaction of the judges and the crowd, is classic! xDDD

(Here’s another version of the routine from the Birmingham NEC – you can see a version of the whole dance without all the audience cutaways…)

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