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This page is about my “history” as a blogger (such as it is). Musicalis Eclectica is a music blog I wrote back in mid 2008 for a very short, frenzied period. Musicalis Eclectica (the hokey concept behind the name and the blog content itself) very clearly describes my musical tastes, so the main reason this page exists is because I wanted to keep a personal record of the blog in spite of its awkwardness.

Musicalis Eclectica gathers together bits of musical cool from around the web and conveniently presents them to you in daily posts. Music from all genres and styles is included with the goal of broadening horizons and increasing appreciation – not only for undiscovered and indie artists but also for mainstream artists who may be suffering from overexposure or overproduction.

Within posts are links off to interviews, obscure alternate versions, stunning live performances, unexpected covers and eclectic mash-ups – all intended to present a more holistic view of an artist or genre and, hopefully, to provide more reason to give them a go if they’re not something you’d usually try.

M.E. is about introducing you to new – and old – music through the lens of a pop sensibility.

M.E. loves covers – in fact, I’ve been told it should be renamed to “Cover Eclectica” xD. I don’t see that as a bad thing – covers are a very good way to appreciate a song in a new way. And a good cover also tells you something new about both the original artist and the cover artist.

What kind of audience are you?

You may like M.E. if:

  • you’re interested in someone taking the hard work out of digging for musical gems from all genres
  • you want new and/or interesting music presented to you in a quick, easily digestible form
  • you’d like to hear a different take on music you already know (and possibly dislike)
  • you have the patience to give something you wouldn’t normally try a fair listen
  • you’re a guitarist (and/or vocalist) and you want tab that’s at least 90% accurate

You may not like M.E. if:

  • you’re not open to music from a wide range of genres, including – god forbid! – popular music. In other words: you may not like M.E. if you’re an indie elitist and shrink-wrapped pop music makes you gag
  • you can’t divorce a song from the marketing and bombast of an artist’s PR team and appreciate it on its own merits
  • you can’t hear a good song buried beneath sugary pop over-production
  • you only want the latest and greatest new music coming out. (M.E. is not averse to digging up a rare live version of an old classic to present it in a new and exciting light.)

What Musicalis Eclectica isn’t

M.E. is not wordy. You can put this down to a lack of ability, knowledge and time on my part, but M.E. is more about the music than my words. I like to include a succinct pointer or two to highlight the relevance of a piece to the post topic or to point out something specific to look for, but I prefer not to overwhelm you with an info-dump. On occasion I will wax lyrical but it won’t be often (I tend to get verbose only when I’m defending a particular stance or making an impassioned plea :-).

M.E. is not about industry / artist news. Unless a relevant and interesting song can be attached, I leave the news to the sites that are better and quicker to pick it up. M.E. is all about the music and whilst I’ll drop info here and there for the contextual interest factor, I won’t post pure news items.

M.E. is not only about the latest and greatest releases. Many blogs have a greater reach and are quicker on this info than I am way down here in little ole NZ (like goodweatherforairstrikes). I’ll certainly post on “new” music quite often but I’m not averse to posting on recent or classic tunes where it serves to introduce or support a theory or argument of a particular thread :).

M.E. is not solely about indie cool or rare undiscovered talent. Pop is fast becoming the ‘new indie’ ;-) and I believe it’s a shame to marginalise some of the incredibly talented mainstream artists that are out there.

However, since we’re all sick of the high rotate singles that repeatedly rape the airwaves I will make every attempt to present a popular song in a fresh way¬† i.e. I’ll showcase an unusual remix or cover with the intent to cast a well-written song in a different light or I’ll post a clip of an impressive live performance to (re)discover the talent or virtuosity of an artist.

Note: where there is no option i.e. the only version of the song available is the radio single – I’ll post it as is and replace it later with a live version, remix or cover.

About Me

Sakmo in the flesh

I’m an avid lover of all types and genres of music – from Anthrax to Britney Spears via Hisham Abbas, Ben Daglish, Shania Twain and Lloyd Banks; I love bits and pieces of it all in some form or another.

I believe we’re all complex emotional beings and different forms of music resonate with different emotional states at different times so if something doesn’t appeal to you one day, you may find it’s the perfect piece for another time and place.

In real life I’m a trained ninja assassin and respected astro-physicist with an awesome body, movie star good looks, a well-grounded spirituality and a towering intellect. I’m also a reasonably competent musician and a creative personality with an obsessive joy for finding serendipitous nuggets of creative divinity in the nooks and crannies of the interweb. I needed to share some of my favourites so here they are :).

(Also, I need money so please donate to the “Save Sak Mo Dee” fund.)

Contact me:musicalis.eclectica (at) gmail (dot) com

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An ongoing playlist of all the songs I’ve ever liked – i.e. songs that made it to high rotation on my iPod/CD Player/Tape Deck/Reel-to-reel – can be found here. The list is very far from complete; only a few thousand more to go…