Cinematic Perfection: Cidade De Deus

Cidade de Deus, or City of God, is one of my favourite movies.

As the uploader states in the description for this trailer, the Portugese trailer is more effective than the english one for capturing the visual style and often frenetic pace of the movie.

I found the cinematography flawless and interesting at the right points; the acting seemed natural and the casting was dead on – apparently the main villain of the film was not an actor; he’d just turned up at the audition with his friend when the casting director spotted him. Autobiographical material can be really boring if you’re not interested in the period or setting but thanks to a dynamic and surprising narrative (there’s a flashback within a flashback, just for starters) I really got the impression that anyone could enjoy this movie because of the contemporary and unique way in which it is presented.

One of my most highly recommended movies – the Director shows a deft hand with exceptionally well-written material that is shot beautifully, acted exceptionally and edited masterfully into an enduring piece of pure quality cinema!

YouTube Preview Image