Squarepusher via groovy dancing chick

I’ve been looking for a good way to post about Squarepusher – so a groovy dancing chick is as good as any xD. The dancing chick is Sophie Merry who has her own little Youtube fame story – which is all well and good but I’m just here for the ‘pusher!

Oi! Sophie was picked up by French fashion firm Etam to front a new marketing campaign in 3,500 stores in 50 countries(!) based off the strength of her original Groovy Dancing Girl video.

Squarepusher is Tom Jenkinson – an amazingly talented bassist who mixes elements of electronica, drum and bass, and jazz fusion (he’s a friend of Aphex Twin if that tells you anything). The most distinctive element of his style is his seemingly random, choppy beats. He’s amazing in live performance (although I’ve only seen videos ;_; ) and he’s greatly impressed Andre 3000 (amongst others) who’s keen to work with him.

As Andre says, Squarepusher’s music is like: “busting the computer open and making some music out of it” and for me, Squarepusher stands out from the rest of the electronica pack because he’ll pull out the bass and hammer away at it like a traditional (but accomplished) musician and yet still test the boundaries in the electronic push-button digital field at the same time.

Sophie’s boppy performance over “My Red Hot Car” is bouncy and upbeat (like the clip that made her famous) and makes for a strangely compelling watch and listen : ).

YouTube Preview Image


Britain’s Got Jackson

Jackson routines and impersonators are a dime a dozen (Fall Out Boy’s “Beat It” cover, anyone? xD) and this one (seen here on “Britain’s Got Talent”) starts off like any other (with a fresh remix that incorporates Billy Jean, Queen and Bhangra… o_O) but the surprise development halfway through, and the reaction of the judges and the crowd, is classic! xDDD

(Here’s another version of the routine from the Birmingham NEC – you can see a version of the whole dance without all the audience cutaways…)

YouTube Preview Image