Got to be Antiform

Since I’m on the subject of New Zealand music (or soon will be ; ), I thought I’d take the opportunity to pimp a workmate’s band (not that they need it): the stonkin’ breakbeat electronica wizards Antiform.

This track – featuring Tiki Taane of Salmonella Dub fame – is a balls out, breakbeat, rock-fest with warm and dirty analogue synths and a moving bass line of phat proportions.

If I’d had Musicalis Eclectica back when Josh gave us the “sneak preview” of this video I could’ve been one of those elite “insider” blogs and lorded my advance knowledge over you all as if anybody cared what I had to say <— see? that’s my effort at doing it after the fact xD. Nevertheless, the track rocked and blew my head off when I first heard it: it’s electronica breakbeat with a very rock heart that appealed directly to my Prodigy and Chemical Brothers tastebuds.

Antiform are playing a gig at Zen and Fu on Saturday the 6th of September; I’ll be there, lighting up the dance floor with my awkward old guy moves – hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

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Justice for MGMT

French electro-funksters Justice remix “Electric Feel” by MGMT. Justice are responsible for the controversial Stress video in which a gang of youths go around causing all sorts of mayhem, eventually turning on the cameraman.

I love the funky slap bass and occasionally syncopated beats that Justice bring to the electronica stable, and this remix is a good example : ).

Oi! During the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006 Justice won “Best Video” (for “Justice vs. Simian – We Are Your Friends”); as the label art director and video director were giving their speeches, everybody’s favourite ego punching bag Kanye West jumped onstage arguing that he should have won the award instead. He obviously misheard and thought they’d announced the award for “Most Disproportionate Self-Confidence” (although, now that I’ve finally found a Youtube clip of it, it looks like he wasn’t being overly serious about it… maybe the media coverage should win a “disproportionate” award O_o). Gotta love Justin Timberlake’s response though (he was there): “After the show, Kanye will be in the parking lot accepting awards he did not win. Seriously though, I’ve got sexy covered, it’s good to see someone’s doing crazy.”

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Lenny Kravitz via electronica duo, The Presets

I’ve been waiting for Sydney-based electronica act The Presets to release a video for the excellent track “A New Sky” from their latest album but they’re dragging their feet about it.

So here’s an apparently hard to find track – a Presets remix of Lenny Kravitz’s “Breathe” from the Absolut Kravitz compilation. I love the silhouette video and the Presets house-y style is a good fit for the song.

Oi! Swedish vodka brand Absolut, whose marketing campaign is responsible for Absolut Tracks, the source of the Kravitz remixes, has one of the most distinctive and long running ad campaigns ever (you know the one – the ubiquitous bottle with the words Absolut something-or-other at the bottom); South African art director Geoff Hayes says he came up with the original idea for the campaign whilst luxuriating in the bath.

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Squarepusher via groovy dancing chick

I’ve been looking for a good way to post about Squarepusher – so a groovy dancing chick is as good as any xD. The dancing chick is Sophie Merry who has her own little Youtube fame story – which is all well and good but I’m just here for the ‘pusher!

Oi! Sophie was picked up by French fashion firm Etam to front a new marketing campaign in 3,500 stores in 50 countries(!) based off the strength of her original Groovy Dancing Girl video.

Squarepusher is Tom Jenkinson – an amazingly talented bassist who mixes elements of electronica, drum and bass, and jazz fusion (he’s a friend of Aphex Twin if that tells you anything). The most distinctive element of his style is his seemingly random, choppy beats. He’s amazing in live performance (although I’ve only seen videos ;_; ) and he’s greatly impressed Andre 3000 (amongst others) who’s keen to work with him.

As Andre says, Squarepusher’s music is like: “busting the computer open and making some music out of it” and for me, Squarepusher stands out from the rest of the electronica pack because he’ll pull out the bass and hammer away at it like a traditional (but accomplished) musician and yet still test the boundaries in the electronic push-button digital field at the same time.

Sophie’s boppy performance over “My Red Hot Car” is bouncy and upbeat (like the clip that made her famous) and makes for a strangely compelling watch and listen : ).

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