Where hast thou been?

No one likes to hear half-hearted excuses and apologies for why a blogger hasn’t bloggified so this is neither xD. I’ve been busy on something I’ll post a link to as soon as I’m done! (due sometime during the coming week.)

I’ve been keeping up on friend’s blogs (if a little sporadically) and I notice I’ve been tagged! (by the excellent At the Lighthouse.) Gasp… must update and reply xD.

I feel it pertinent to point out that Australia and NZ are two completely different countries – much like Canada and the US – only we’re separated from Australia by an entire ocean! : ) (never mind, all is forgiven – it’s a common perception out there beyond our shores xD).

I’ve been busy with musical-ness – finally back into creating it, more than just writing about it, so I’m hoping to have more of that to show around soon too : ).

Merry… errr… approaching Christmas y’all!