Cover Zen: Super Conte Theme

Well, it’s yet more music on this blog but as it also includes a game angle I’ll use it as a segue…

Jack Conte is back with more Cover Zen madness – a version of the Super Mario Bros theme that I like a lot! He’s obviously a talented musician but I also have a lot of respect for his editing skills and sense of┬ámanic┬ávisual energy; this video jumps and blits about like the video game junkie the song speaks to.

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More Jack Conte: Pas Encore (with Nataly Dawn)

Another great VideoSong from Jack Conte (indie muso featured in a previous post doing a cover of the Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.”). This time, he collaborates with his equally talented girlfriend Nataly Dawn on an alt-folk, ambient style tune (a la The Bird and the Bee) where Nataly provides a jazzy bassline and pixie-like vocals while Jack backs her up with other instrumentation (which includes a glass of water!)

[Update: Nataly advises that she and Jack will be attempting to release a Pomplamoose videosong every week! Wooh! You can keep an eye out for new video releases by subscribing to Jack’s Youtube channel at:]

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Cover Zen: Feel Good Inc. acoustica

Jack Conte does a great (mostly acoustic) cover of the Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.”. He plays everything you hear and everything you hear is shown (live, as it was played – not lip-synced) in the video.

[Update: 06-08-08] Jack’s a talented man and I think it’s safe to say he has an appreciation for British pop-rock : ) – this new song of his has a Radiohead flavour to it (without being derivative). Catch him now before he blows up and you have to pay to see him in action! ; ).

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