Cover Zen: Tyler Ward sings Katy Perry

Tyler Ward’s garnered a bit of a following by this stage (this video alone has over 2 million hits). I really like Katy Perry’s original version and I like Tyler’s take on this song too. As with all effective covers I think he wins a few more fans who wouldn’t normally give the original a second listen.

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t know if this interview with Katy Perry about the meaning of the song (from her Official Youtube Channel) is real or not but if it’s a joke (maybe hubby Russell had something to do with it?) then it’s hilarious lol… If you thought the song was a metaphor for otherworldly love and being transported to another place and time by transcendent union then let Katy explain what it’s really about.

FCP (Future Cover Pick): I Kissed A Girl

Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” has a great catchy chorus and rock chords that I can see some band of loutish lads turning into a metal classic one day xD – and they can keep the same lyrics for a touch of irony xD.

[Update: replaced music video with live performance at the Spike awards – everyone’s seen the video many times by now, right? Here it is, in case you haven’t: I Kissed A Girl (Music Video)]

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Download the Guitar Pro file (.gp5) (including drums, bass, vocal) from here.

Please note: this file is currently at version 0.5 (i.e. not complete yet) Check back soon for final version!

If you don’t have Guitar Pro you can download the demo here.