The Hart of New Zealand Comedy

NZ’s Leigh Hart is one of my favourite comedians.

This clip from the excellent Moon TV series shows Leigh’s trademark style of deadpan, gormless delivery as he bounces epic inanities off straight man and accomplished author, Joe Bennett.

I prefer comedians who play completely farcical characters in a straight, almost dramatic style. Leigh nails this style in his largely pseudo-documentary work with clips like this and this. He also works with other great comics who play off his style in a perfectly complementary fashion – as in this clip where Leigh, Jason and Matai speak with NZ Prime Minister, John Key.

We’ve exported a few good comedy acts lately – from Flight of the Conchords to Rhys Darby – it’s surely only a matter of time before Leigh Hart gets more high profile work overseas!

YouTube Preview Image

At the time of writing there are 190 clips on Moon TV’s Youtube channel so check it out when you need a laugh!