Pop Drop: Will.I.Am wants One More Chance

This new single comes from the debut album of Will.I.Am (of the Black Eyed Peas) and I like it for the fact that the hook is light and catchy and unexpectedly un-hip hop in style. This clip shows Will’s live performance of the song last year on Letterman.

The official video for the song can be found here.

Oi! Will has been cast as teleporting mutant John Wraith/Kestrel in Hugh Jackman’s 2009 X-Men prequel of sorts: X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Pop Drop: Gabriella Cilmi… Lies Live

Sixteen year old Australian Gabriella Cilmi reminds me a bit of Anastacia – soul and sass in a little package. Like Anastacia, her power output surprises. This is a live performance of her excellent second single “Save The Lies” (<— be sure to check out the produced pop-soul version if you haven’t been thrashed by it over the airwaves already.)

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Pop Drop: Into the Galaxy with the Midnight Juggernaughts

Gah! Computer issues all of yesterday, hence the lack of post-age :(. I shall return forthwith – for now: thanks, Sthy, for filling me in on the rocktabulous Midnight Juggernaughts. This is my favourite song of theirs – and this video, specifically; not the other one they’ve brought out with the biker in France…

I knew as soon as I missed a Triple J Hottest 100 release I’d miss some good stuff… Triple J can always be trusted to deliver the goods.

∞ Random Interest Snippet: the Triple J Hottest 100 annual poll attracts over half a million votes every year and is apparently the world’s largest music poll (Triple J is an Australian youth radio station).

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