The hunt for decent 3D

In the last few years scouring the ‘Tube for 3D vids I have still only found one that seems to hit the ball out of the park. At the beginning of last year someone finally posted an HD version that uses Youtube’s 3D platform.

From what I can find out, Pangea The Neverending World hasn’t yet made it out of trailer form. It’s a proof of concept developed by a Hungarian animation studio: Aenima CGS. Someone should give them some money to make the full thing!

Of all the 3D content now on Youtube this lengthy trailer has the best 3D I’ve seen. Creatures and foliage loom out of the screen and the world feels layered and deep. It’s a pity there isn’t more work that shows this attention to detail. Even in nasty anaglyph (red/blue glasses) the 3D detail is palpable.

Be sure to watch it fullscreen, in the dark, in 1080p!

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve gotten sick of clicking through so many videos on Youtube claiming to be 3D that are either badly transferred or just badly made in the source so I’ve started putting together a Youtube Playlist of 3D videos that are worth watching. It’s very small at the moment but I intend to grow it as I discover more videos that are worth the time. Please let me know if you find any and I’ll add them to the list!